ASSIST in the Right to Energy Forum

ASSIST in the Right to Energy Forum

ASSIST project will be hosting the workshop "Defending the right to energy! Actions and actors" at the Right to Energy Forum, organised by the Right to Energy Coallition with the aim to offer "an opportunity to meet people who work on energy poverty, energy democracy, community energy, and a socially-fair energy transition, in a context of growing discontent in the face of unjust and unambitious climate policies that make the poorest pay the bill of the energy transition".

EAPN and Ecoserveis partners organise this activity in which different people will will participate in a debate around the following questions:

  • What are their experiences withfighting energy poverty in different EU countries?

  • What works and what does not work?

  • Who are the actors involved in different types of actions?

  • What kind of actions are they involved with, at what level?

Different aspects that will be discussed are: Identification of best multipliers, building capacity/raising awareness, action in households (affected people), creating networks(building relationships), evaluation of the impact of policy action/ lobbying

The activity will start at 13:30 h on Wednesday, June 19 at the CGSP (rue du Congrès, 17-19). See location on google maps here.

See the agenda here.