In depth analysis on energy poverty

In depth analysis on energy poverty

The objective of the in-depth analysis on energy poverty (work package 2) was to undertake a thorough analysis and mapping of consumer vulnerability and energy poverty in Europe to gain a more in-depth understanding and of the possible solutions to tackle the issues.

It was clear that for the HEAs to operate effectively in their own country it was essential to understand how Member States identify and support vulnerable consumers. WP2 began by trying to reach an agreed definition of energy poverty. To better understand vulnerable consumer’s energy consumption, habits, knowledge and awareness on energy efficiency, over 5,000 national market surveys on vulnerable consumers and energy poverty were carried out in each country.

WP2 work encompassed collating databases of the existing financial measures and public initiatives across the Member States that support vulnerable consumers and tackle energy poverty. Existing measures were showcased, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each and any identified good practices which were shared across ASSIST partnership network.

The review of the selected EU partner countries clearly showed gaps between research and interventions; social and energy stakeholders; consumer protection measures and behaviour change measures and also informing and empowering consumers. However, the review suggested many different opportunities which could fill in these gaps on the basis of accumulated experience. The ASSIST project was able to provide learning on how to solve these common problem areas.

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