Energy Tutor training in English @ Design Factory, 26.09.2019

Energiatuutorointikoulutus Suomeksi Aalto-yliopiston opiskelijoille 23.9.2019

The price increases of energy, electricity and distribution affect the vulnerable households the most who may have challenges in managing their energy bills. The ongoing research project ASSIST trains energy tutors, who understand the basic tricks in energy saving and are able to advice others. Become an energy tutor now! ASSIST project offers free-of-charge trainings for Aalto university students. The energy tutor trainings are suitable for everyone. There are s no prerequisite for previous studies or experience. 

Energy tutor 

1) Attends one training session, etiher on Monday 23.9.2019 at 17–19 o'clock (in Finnish) or Thursday 26.09. at 17–19 o'clock (in English) in Design Factory "Engine room" OR studies the online learning material (40 hours, in Finnish) at /fin home

2) Makes one advisory home visit by Monday 30.10.2019 to a relative low-income Finnish household. During tutoring visits a form will filled up, whose purpose is to assess the abilities of the household to save in their energy costs and their possibilities to increase energy efficiency.

Energy tutor gets

1) Basic understanding about the home energy bill composition and capabilities to advise different types of households

2) Valuable record to the CV about meaningful voluntary activity

3) Energy tutor diploma

4) Free-choice movie ticket to Finnkino or Bio Korjaamo. Tutors that do multiple house visits attend into a raffle for special surprise price

The objective of the ASSIST project is to support low income European households in energy cost management and everyday energy consumption management, and collect information about the possible energy frugality and provide research results to policy makers. Target customers are energy frugal households who are suffering e.g. from increasing electricity transfer costs. 

Enrollment (limited amount of seats) by 18 September for Dr. Sini Numminen, +358 449 066 826.

Energy Tutors Facebook group: @energiatuutorit



17:00–17:05 Purpose and motivation

17:05–17:15 Energy frugality, energy saving, energy price and trends

17:15–17:35 Thousands of energy saving tips and collections

17:35–17:50 Different energy expenses at different households

17:50–17:55 Meanings and messages behind the energy efficiency labels

17:50–18:10 Break: Snacks and drinks

18:10–18:25 Reducing the total amount in the energy invoice

18:25–18:40 Energy tutor visits

18:40–18:45 Links to good energy saving materials and repair and advisory services

18:45–18:50 Questions, answers and feedback

18:50 End of training