ASSIST will have a high strategic impact at National and European level. It will:

  • Create unique and specialized services for the vulnerable communities through a network of trained active Home Energy Advisors (HEA).

  • Improve the energy circumstance of 48.000 vulnerable consumers.

  • Increase the knowledge of political stakeholders on consumers’ vulnerability and energy poverty so as to promote the design-take up of policies to tackle the phenomena.

  • In-depth analysis on vulnerability and energy poverty in Europe

    A series of reports have been produced as part of the ASSIST Project. The objective of these publications is to both gain a more in-depth understanding of vulnerable consumers and energy poverty as a problem in European society and of the possible solutions to tackle it.

    1. Report on National and European measures addressing vulnerable consumers and energy poverty. This document gives information on how have different Member States defined issues of energy poverty and vulnerable consumers and identifies different measures that Member States have put in place to address the issues of energy poverty and vulnerable consumers. This report also analyses how EU projects have tackled energy poverty issue.

    2. Report on Replicable Best Practice National and European measures. It identifies best national and European initiatives tot ackle energy poverty.

    3. Report Best Practice Guide On Financial Measures. This document intends to report the financial measures in Italy, Spain, UK, Poland, Belgium and Finland to support vulnerable consumers or consumers in energy poverty and is also available to view as an online database in

    4. Report European market survey on vulnerable consumer needs. This report is the result of analysis of both consumer and stakeholder surveys carried out in the countries involved in the Assist project (Belgium, Finland, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK). The aim was that these surveys complement the European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU SILC) on the perception, needs and expectations of vulnerable consumers / energy poor in relation to energy efficiency.

    5. Report Vulnerable consumers and fuel poverty.

  • Creation of a network of trained and highly qualified HEA

    The figure of the HEA (Home Energy Advisor) is being developed and inserted in the domestic energy market of each participating country. The HEA will provide specifically to vulnerable consumers with advice and guidance on household energy efficiency, including efficient behavioral changes.

    The definition of this profile is supported by:

    • HEA qualification schema, grounded on both national and European desk and in-field analysis and defined according a modular system of correlated: occupations and job roles; activities and sub-activities; knowledge, skills and competences;

    • Definition of effective HEA training at each national level;

    • Engaging of at least 75 potential HEA and delivering to them the HEA training program.

    In this section you will find the program and learning resources for the Home Energy Advisors.

    Training support materials for HEA continuous training and update.

    ASSIST ICT system.

    ASSIST ICT system manual.

    HEA monitoring mechanism for saved energy and increased comfort level.

  • HEA network and delivery of a ASSIST action

    HEA networks will help their communities identify and implement efficiency and behavioral solutions for those in vulnerability. The project foresees also an action to create and pilot bespoke solutions at national levels using the qualified HEA teams.

    • Vulnerable consumers market segmentation report.

    • National ASSIST actions reports.

    • ASSIST action report.

    • Final ASSIST action report.

    • Energy efficiency communication materials addressing vulnerable consumers:

      • Videos/tutorial

      • Domestic energy efficiency factsheets informative folder

      • Factsheets

      • Database of FAQ

      • Virtual community of vulnerable consumers

  • Policy orientation

    The project will create a European Vulnerable Consumers Steering Committee (VCSC) to communicate to the 28 member states and collect feedback on a policy recommendation paper.

    • Reports on VCSC roundtables and stakeholders workshops.

    • Report on Vulnerable Consumers / Energy Poor Protection Framework Paper.

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