Cooperativa Elèctrica d'Alginet

Cooperativa Elèctrica d'Alginet

Project Manager:

Alma Solar



C/Poeta Juan Alegre, 7. 46230 Alginet, Valencia. Spain.

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Alginet Distribución Energía Eléctrica is a DSO located in the area of Alginet, is part of the Group Cooperativa Elèctrica d’Alginet (Alginet’s Electric Cooperative Group) and its sole and only shareholder is the Cooperative. It supplies electricity to more than 5700 supply points by means of 35 centres of transformation, with an installed power of 18,000 kW. The electric cooperative of Alginet has been the first cooperative to manage a substation in property, installed in 2014 for the capture of energy in a higher voltage level (132 000 kV) for further processing. The budget for its implementation was over 3.5 million euros.