Federacja Konsumentòw

Federacja Konsumentòw

Project Manager:

Monika Kosiska-Pyter

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ul. Ordynacka 11 lok 1, 00-364 Warsaw, Poland

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Federacja Konsumentów (FK)

Federacja Konsumentów (FK) - A nationwide consumer association (non-governmental organization) - was established on July 7, 1981. Since 2004 it has acted as a Public Benefit Organization. Their core activities - free of charge legal counselling and assistance are provided by thirty the FK regional branches, acting as centres of consumer advice across the country.

FK initiates, consults, gives opinions and lobby for bills of law which should regulate and create legal tools to secure safety and satisfaction for consumers acting on the market and to shape relations with enterprises to promote a market dynamic in accordance with laws and ethical business conduct.