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What are the barriers and solutions to tackle energy poverty at local and European levels? Some answers to this and other related questions were discussed during ASSIST’s online Final Conference next 9, 10 and 11 of June.

The conference “From local to European: barriers and solutions to tackle Energy Poverty” brought together different actors, including stakeholders and policy decision makers, tackling energy poverty from both local and European levels.

Download the agenda in PDF format.

Read the press release.

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  • Final Conference agenda

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  • Questions & Answers

  • ASSIST References

  • Organisers & Speakers

Session I - Tuesday, June 9

Opening and welcome

· Marina Varvesi, ASSIST coordinator

Round table: How local actions and social innovations are necessary to put vulnerable consumers at the heart of policies addressing energy poverty
Moderator: Marta Garcia, ECOSERVEIS

· Discussion with National Vulnerable Consumers Steering Committee members from Italy, Spain, Finland, UK, Poland and Belgium
· Discussion with the audience

Session II - Wednesday, June 10

Opening and welcome

· Marina Varvesi, ASSIST coordinator
· Vincent Berrutto, Head of Unit, EASME - H2020 Energy Unit

Challenges to tackle energy poverty: views from EU projects

Moderator: Stefan Bouzarovski, EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV)

· Silvia Vivarelli, Unit B1 H2020 Energy, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) Slide presentation in PDF
· Marina Varvesi, ASSIST coordinator - Slide presentation in PDF
· European projects on Energy Poverty
     - Cezara Popovici, STEP coordinator, Horizon 2020 project Slide presentation in PDF
     - Daan Creupelandt, REScoop coordinator Slide presentation in PDF
· Clotilde Clark-Foulquier, Project coordinator, the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) Slide presentation in PDF
· Discussion with the audience

Session III - Thursday, June 11

Opening and welcome

· Marina Varvesi, ASSIST coordinator

Round table: EU policy to tackle energy poverty and protect vulnerable consumers in Europe: proposal and recommendations
Moderator: Mathias Maucher, European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN)

· Maria Jeliazkova, EAPN, ASSIST partner presenting the Vulnerable Consumers Protection Framework Paper Slide presentation in PDF
· Cornelia Ernst, Member of the European Parliament, GUE/NGL group
· Giustino Piccolo, Covenant of Mayors
· Julien Dijol, Housing Europe
· Anne Katherina Weidenbach, Energy Efficiency: Policy & Financing, DG ENERGY, European Commission
· Discussion with the audience

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