In recent years, energy users have gained more rights with the transposition of relevant European energy legislation. There is nevertheless the recognition that consumers’ rights (with special reference to vulnerable consumers and energy poor) need to be further strengthened, and that the increasing market complexity needs to be addressed through concrete solutions to improve levels of empowerment and engagement.

ASSIST offers a two-way approach to the problem: active engaging of consumers in the energy market, and a positive change of behaviour in relation to energy consumption and to influence design of policy at all levels to tackle energy poverty issues.

The starting point of the project is the generation of in depth knowledge on consumer vulnerability and, more specifically, on energy poverty, as there is still no clear and unique definition for its identification and measuring.

ASSIST builds on the results of various national and European level initiatives related to energy efficiency funded by different programmes:

  • Horizon2020: SMART-UP

  • IEE (Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme ): ACHIEVE, ENFORCE, ENERGY AMBASSADORS or SeRENADE

  • FP7 (European Union's Research and Innovation funding programme for 2007-2013): INSIGTH_E.

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Generation of in-depth knowledge. ASSIST will deliver first hand in-depth knowledge on energy poverty in Europe which will const

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ASSIST will have a high strategic impact at National and European level. It will:

  • Create unique and specialized services fo